Pendon Museum is primarily the creation of Roye England, an Australian who came to the UK in the inter-war years to find that the way of life he saw in England, and particularly in the Vale of White Horse, was disappearing before his eyes. Over the next years he determined that one thing he could do was to create accurate models to at least show how things used to look.

With this in mind, and at a time when most people were happy with tinplate model cars and toy trains, he started creating some of the most beautiful model houses and people seen. His models still stand as the Gold Standard of modelling to this day, and meticulous records that he kept of what he saw have enabled Pendon's modellers to plan, build and detail a whole range of trains covering the period 1923-1938. By the mid 1950s Roye had gathered a small team of volunteers and with them had set up a Museum.

I have been involved in Pendon, first as a Friend, and as an associate, for over two decades. In 2003-4 I started using out-of-hours access to photograph the model, and was involved in the 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2004 as the official photographer. Some of these images are available on my Gallery.