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GNU Public License

Version 0.3.2

(c) 2011 Ruth Ivimey-Cook

This is a very simple text editor, based on the Scintilla text editor component (just like Notepad++ and others) but with one very basic purpose - to make editing Railworks serz-compressed files simple by automating the decompression and re- compression of the files.

If you need more advanced editing facilities, I suggest you select all in RWTextEdit, paste into the editor of your choice, do the edits, then reverse the copy. It is not my intention to turn this into a program that rivals Notepad++!

This version, as the version number might suggest, is basic. Please report bugs or problems with it to I will read such reports and may be able to fix them, but I can make no guarantees.


This software is free, but not provided with any warranty, not even a warranty of fitness for purpose. If you use it you do so entirely at your own risk. If you don't like these terms, don't use it! Thanks to the Scintilla and ScintillaNet projects for providing a very useful and complete base text editor. Thanks to "icon-king" for the Nuvola icons used originally in KDE and now kere.


0.1  Initial version. Based on ScintallaNet 2.2 and Scintilla 2.26.

0.2  Revised to ScintillaNet 4 (trunk), with:

  • Add simple Printing, GoTo, Find/Replace support.
  • Check for duplicate temp file names.
  • Make File/Exit work.
  • Added About logo

0.3 Bug-fix release:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some files from being saved.
  • Enabled code-folding for XML files.

0.3.1 Bug fix release

  • More bugs squashed.
  • Fix typo in file filters
  • Added recent file menu

0.3.2 Bug fix release

  • Fix fail to load file from command args (can now assoc with .bin, etc files)
  • Add an icon
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