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Book: The Blackstone Key

This book was written by Rose Melikan and published in 2008; I "read" it as an audiobook - a format I increasingly find myself using - and enjoyed it immensely. In style it is Historical Romance and Mystery combined and is set in the year 1795, mostly in East Anglia.

The story concerns the adventure of a young lady, Mary Finch, who has been orphaned and then receives a message from her estranged Uncle...

Book: "WWW: Watch" by Robert J Sawyer

WWW: Watch continues the story started in WWW: Wake about the emergence of an artificial intelligence on the world wide web and the girl, Caitlin, who helps mentor it in this journey. By the end of the first part of the book, Caitlin and the intelligence have "met" each other and Caitlin has decided to help the intelligence, who has chosen the name "Webmind" and which she has decides to dub "male".

Book: "The Lost Testament" by D. Rohl.

On a casual glance at the title of this book, you might imagine it describes papers or letters that the author thought ought to be in the Bible, but you would be wrong. It is the story of one man's attempt to reclaim the factual basis of the Old Testament of the Bible. For many years now, archaeologists have dismissed the Old Testament as being irrelevant to their subject, because its stories didn"t match up with the archaeology they saw.