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Getting There and Back Again

This book is a diary I kept of an adventure in the USA in 1999. I went to the States on my first visit to do a month-long tour of the national parks in the west, starting in Los Angeles and finishing in Seattle. There were a group of 8 on the tour with a driver, Dean, who drove the RAM minibus (capable of taking 12 people but leaving us with some much-appreciated additional space!). We left at the start of June, so in some places the weather wasn't warm yet, but they were more than made up for by the hotter areas not being too scorching!

I took this diary on my first "gadget", a Psion 5 Organiser, which was extremely capable for the task. Writing on it, even one handed, was not particularly difficult and I could update the diary while the bus was on the move, which was necessary as the days were quite hectic otherwise!

Since the trip I have been back to the States several times, notably to Arizona and Utah, but this first taste of the country was an excellent starter!